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*Getting Help*

We are here to help YOU!

Reference Librarians

Get Help


There are numerous ways you can get help from your friendly librarians. 

  • Come in and see us!  You can find a librarian on the third floor of the library at the Information and Research Help Desk in the atrium at the top of the stairs.  There is normally a librarian on duty whenever the library is open, except on Saturdays. (We usually start closing up about 30 minutes before the library closes.) 
  • Call us on the phone.  Sometimes you just can't make it to the library, or you run into trouble accessing materials from home.  You can call the library at 423-354-2429 during regular hours and ask to speak to a librarian.  We can help you with searching, citations, and accessing library materials over the phone.
  • Chat with us live online.  Every page of the library website has a slide-out tab on the right for starting a live chat with a librarian.  A librarian is available most times during open hours.  If a librarian is not available, you can submit your question and receive an answer back within one business day. 
  • You can also send questions via email to  This service is not for time-sensitive matters or in-depth searching.  The email gets checked several times daily, but if you need an answer right away, you will need to come in, chat, or call.


The Librarians

The Librarians, pictured below, are: Amy Baghetti, Amy Lippo, Virginia Salmon, and Michelle Wyatt.

Amy Baghetti Amy Lippo Virginia Salmon Michelle Wyatt


Circulation Staff

The Circulation staff will help you with checking out materials and general questions you might have.  They can also help you get materials from other libraries if we don't have what you need.

Pictured below, they are: Dawn Kraft, Andrew Wade, Cherie Cooper, Zodie Dempsey, and Laura Campbell.

Dawn Kraft  Andrew Wade  Cherie Cooper  Zodie Dempsey  Laura Campbell


KCHE Staff

The staff at KCHE can help you with general questions, computers, some research and citation, and checking materials out.  They can also help you get materials from the Blountville campus and other libraries if we don't have what you need.

Visit them on the third floor of the KCHE building or call 423.354.5537.

Pictured below, they are Zodie Dempsey and Laura Campbell.

Zodie Dempsey  Laura Campbell