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*Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence*

Artificial Intelligence in Writing


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way in a short time recently.  We all know about services such as ChatGPT that will help you with research and writing.  However, not a lot is being said in the news about the ethics of using AI in school work, whether it should be used, and what it is OK to use it for.

Unless your teacher tells you otherwise, you can assume that it is not ok to use AI to help you with your school work, except for in certain circumstances.  This is due to ethical considerations.  When you submit work, you are doing so with the understanding that it is your own.  If it has been done by an AI, it is not your own, and you are misrepresenting the nature of what you are turning in.  Your teachers expect your original work to be yours, and to be original.

AI can have its uses.  One of those could be to assist you in organizing your thoughts and information.  You could use it to help you create an outline from what you have.  This step can help you learn how complete this task for yourself.  You may also consider using an AI to help you determine a topic to research if you are having difficulty finding one, or narrowing one down to an approachable level.

If you are not sure whether the use you have for AI is ethical in an academic setting, please talk to your teacher about it first.  They are the ones who can definitively answer your question for the use case in their class.  Your friends can't, your parents can't, and other teachers can't.  If you are not willing to ask, then assume that using AI is not appropriate.