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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Suggestions, Complaints, and Compliments

The Wayne G. Basler Library attempts to provide pleasant, efficient and useful service to students, faculty, staff and community members so that Library is viewed as a positive and welcoming place.

The Library encourages users’ opinions regarding all aspects of its operation and provides a means for that expression.  All comments are welcomed and reviewed by the Dean of the Library and any other appropriate college administrators.



  1. The Suggestion/Comment form is available on the Library website.
  2. A librarian reads submitted suggestions/comments, takes an needed action(s). The Dean of the Library also reviews all comments and takes additional action(s) as necessary.


  1. Invite the library user away from the public area.
  2. Listen carefully and politely to what the complaint is and discuss it with the library user so that it is fully understood.  Remain calm, considerate and polite at all times.
  3. Try to resolve the complaint verbally, if possible, to the satisfaction of the library user.
  4. If the library user remains unsatisfied, contact the Dean.  If the Dean is not available, give the patron the Dean’s email address and phone number or ask for the patron’s name and phone number and give to the Dean to call the patron later.
  5. The Dean may show the particular policy involved in the Policies/Procedures Manual to the library user. This is done in a pleasant and informative manner.
  6. Offer the person registering the complaint a copy of the Policy or Procedure involved.
  7. If the matter is still unresolved instruct the library user to register their complaint in the online “Comments and Suggestions” form on the library website. Gently instruct them to include as many details as possible in their complaint to help the library resolve the matter in a timely manner.
  8. Tell him/her the form will be reviewed and they will be contacted by the Dean of the Library.
  9. If an employee is involved in any way, the Dean is notified.


  1. Suggest that the library user fill out the online “Comments and Suggestions” form, located on the library website.
  2. Suggest that the library user write a letter to the Dean of the Library, Vice President for Academic Affairs, or the College President expressing his/her positive feelings about the library and/or incident.
  3. Suggest that the library user write a letter to the school or to a local newspaper expressing his/her pleasure with the Library.
  4. Suggest that the library user write a brief comment to be sent to the staff member’s personnel file if a staff member is involved.


In the interests of obtaining feedback from library users in order to determine how well the library is – or is not – providing the level of service needed by its users, the Library will conduct one user survey annually.  This survey is to be conducted in the Spring of each academic year.  The results will be reviewed by the Dean of the Library, discussed with library staff, the Library Subcommittee, and the Academic Affairs Committee and then be reported to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President.