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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures


Photocopying machines are provided by the Wayne G. Basler Library for use by library patrons to copy library materials or private documents. The Wayne G. Basler Library accepts and adheres to the Federal Copyright Laws.

Staff are to check all equipment malfunctions before contacting the leasing company, which is notified when equipment requires servicing or repair.


  1. Photocopiers need to be turned on in the morning as well as after periods of inactivity due to the automatic shut-off feature.
  2. Check the paper trays and fill if necessary.
  3. Help library users operate the machine(s) when asked or when someone is having difficulty with the machine.
  4. Demonstrate the operation so that the library user may continue independently.
  5. Assist when there are paper jams or other malfunctions. Never use scissors, knives, or other objects to clear a jam.
  6. Notify the leasing company if the copier continues to jam or other malfunctions occur.
  7. Supplies for the copiers, such as paper and toner, are ordered from Central Receiving on campus. Orders are conveyed to – and placed by – the Library’s secretary.
  8. Copying costs are covered by Northeast State Print/Copy Conservation System policy as outlined in of this manual.