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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures


The Library maintains the following policy regarding theft/vandalism that is documented in the Northeast State Policy & Procedures Manual: [03:05:03]

  • Institutional disciplinary measures shall be imposed, through appropriate due process procedures, for conduct which adversely affects the institution’s pursuit of its educational objectives, which violates or shows a disregard for the rights of other members of the academic community, or which endangers property or persons on property owned or controlled by an institution;
  • Misuse of or Damage to Property. Any act of misuse, vandalism, malicious or unwarranted damage or destruction, defacing, disfiguring or unauthorized use of property belonging to another including, but not limited to, any personal property, fire alarms, fire equipment, elevators, telephones, institution keys, library materials and/or safety devices;
  • Theft, Misappropriation, or Unauthorized Sale of Property;
  • Disciplinary action may be taken against a student for violation of the policies which occur on institutionally owned, leased or otherwise controlled property, while participating in international or distance learning programs, and off campus, when the conduct impairs, interferes with, or obstructs any institutional activity or the mission, processes, and functions of the institution. Institutions may enforce their own policies regardless of the status or outcome of any external proceeding instituted in any other forum, including any civil or criminal proceeding.


Security System Alarm

The Library has a security system that sounds an alarm when sensitized materials are taken out of the building.  These systems serve as reminders for library users who may have forgotten to check out their materials. The alarm will sometimes go off due to an error on the library staff’s part or for sensitized textbooks or library materials from another institution.

  1. When the alarm sounds, always act on the assumption that the library user simply has forgotten to check out the materials. Remain calm, pleasant and polite at all times.
  2. Ask the library user to return to the Circulation Desk.  Excuse yourself from whatever you are doing and make sure that he/she returns, even if this requires following him/her out the door to call the library user back.
  3. Ask if he/she has forgotten to check out materials and offer to complete this transaction if necessary.
  4. If the answer is no and if he/she has materials from another institution, offer to desensitize them.
  5. Depending upon the circumstances it may be prudent to ask to inspect the library user’s belongings such as notebooks, briefcases, purses, etc…to see if any library materials are there. If materials are discovered point out to the library user that he/she has forgotten to check them out and offer to complete this transaction.
  6. If he/she becomes belligerent or is a repeat offender, contact the Dean. In other cases, use professional judgment as to whether or not the Dean should be contacted about the incident.


  1. If someone is in the act of committing vandalism, contact the NeSCC Police Department.
  2. If an act of vandalism is discovered, generally secure the area and leave the scene “as is” to allow a Police Officer to see the scene as it was discovered.
  3. Notify the NeSCC Police Department and allow them time to come to the area and investigate.
  4. Notify the Dean of the Library.