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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Evaluation of Library Services and Resources

In an effort to ensure that Library patrons’ needs are being met with regard to provision of services and resources, the Wayne G. Basler Library conducts an annual User Satisfaction Survey in the spring.  Library patrons - whether students, faculty, staff, or community users - are requested to rate their satisfaction with Library materials, resources, services, and staff and to make suggestions which they feel would improve the Library. These surveys serve as an indication of the direction in which the Library needs to consider moving while planning for future provision of services and materials.


In the month of April, surveys are available online to all students, faculty, staff and community users in the Library and at off-campus sites. Results are tabulated and are then reviewed by the Dean of the Library, the Library staff, the Library Subcommittee, the Academic Affairs Committee, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Executive Council and the President before any suggested action(s) is considered or taken.