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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Materials available for loan

The Wayne G. Basler Library encourages use of the library collection by making as much material available for circulation as possible while still allowing ready access to frequently used or very valuable items. The library provides materials in a variety of formats.  Such formats include, but are not limited to:  books, audio CD’s, pamphlets, brochures, microforms, compact discs, DVD’s, computer software, art prints, models, reserve items, periodicals (newspapers, journals, and magazines), online resources, and other audiovisual items.

Librarians select and identify items as to their circulation status.

  1. Printed reference materials are labeled above the Library of Congress classification number with the letters “Ref” and do not circulate.
  2. Periodicals and some computer software generally do not circulate.
  3. Items that have been placed on “Reserve” by instructors are labeled as such, housed in the Reserve collection and are for in-library use only, or for limited circulation in some circumstances.
  4. When a subject is assigned for a large number of students and the library has a limited number of circulating items on the subject, the materials may be put on reserve for in-library use only.
  5. Loan periods for instructional items are 3 days for faculty, staff, and administration members and should only be used for campus instruction.