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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Shelving Materials

The proper re-shelving of library materials is of extreme importance. Wayne G. Basler Library materials are assembled in an orderly fashion and a consistent pattern. Most materials are categorized by their Library of Congress classification number. The ideal situation is for materials to be re-shelved promptly and correctly so that they may be circulated as quickly as possible.


  1. Items are put in call number order on book trucks.
  2. Materials are returned to the shelves in the appropriate place.  Great care should be taken to ensure that materials are replaced correctly. Even being a few numbers off can make the item difficult to find later.
  3. Whenever possible, books that are found to be out of order when shelving should be re-shelved correctly. If the area is in too much disarray, it should be reported to the circulation staff so that the area may be put in order.