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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Overdue Notices

Materials are circulated for a specified period of time. If an item has not been returned by the due date a notice is sent by the Wayne G. Basler Library as a courtesy to ensure that all library users may use materials in a timely manner. Failure to receive an overdue notice does not absolve the patron of the obligation to return the materials on time. Every effort is made by the staff to retrieve overdue materials.

Overdue notices are automatically emailed using the Library Management System. Patrons receive notices at the following weekly intervals:

Courtesy Notice - day item is due

First notice - 1 day overdue

Second notice - 8 days overdue

Third notice - 15 days overdue

Fourth notice in the form of a bill—30 days overdue


Courtesy, First, Second, and Third notices are automatically emailed to the patron by the Library Management System.

The Fourth notice is a bill automatically emailed to patrons by the Library Management System. Fourth notice bills are printed and mailed to all patrons.

Once a bill is printed the patron should have already received a courtesy, first, second, and third notices, copies of which are in patron record in the Library Management System

  1. Make one copy of the bill. File in Notebook #1.
  2. For community borrowers: Make two copies of the bill. File in Notebook #1. Send the second copy of the bill to the Business Office via interoffice mail.
  3. Mail out the bill to the patron.
  4. Type an encumbrance note on the patron’s record in the Library Management System using the “blocks” tab in the patron record. Include semester and year for which the patron is being encumbered and the notebook where the bill can be found. This note will pop-up alerting the library staff if the patron attempts to check out any more library materials.
  5. Encumber the patron’s records in the Banner system. Faculty and Staff are not encumbered in the Banner system.