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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Lost/Damaged Materials & Refunds

The Wayne G. Basler Library policy regarding lost or damaged items and the procedure for determining their prices is established for the purpose of maintaining the collection according to TBR Guideline B-060.

When a bill is printed for an overdue item, two separate charges appear on the notice: a “lost item processing fee” for $10.00 and a “lost item replacement fee” which covers the historical cost paid for the item.

The historical cost of the lost item will be used for the replacement cost. When the historical cost is not available the replacement cost will be determined as follows:

  1. Books:  A default price of $25.00 plus a $10.00 processing fee per item.
  2. Periodicals: The original cost of the item or a default price of $10.00 per issue plus a $10.00 processing fee per item.
  3. DVDs/Videos:  There are two types of DVDs and Videos – Popular and Instructional. For Popular DVDs/Videos there will be a default price of $25.00 plus a $10.00 processing fee per item. For instructional: DVDs/Videos the default price is $75.00 plus a $10.00 processing fee per item.

Please note: The cost of any item may also be determined at the discretion of the Dean in instances where the default price is deemed inappropriate.


Lost Materials

  1. Patrons pay for lost materials in the Business Office. No money is handled by the library. The patron should bring a “Paid” receipt from the Business office to show that their account has been cleared. Make a photocopy of the receipt and bill and give it to the patron.
  2. Pull the patron’s bill from the appropriate notebook.
  3. Clear the block and fine off the patron’s records in the Library Management System.
  4. Clear the encumbrance off the patron’s records on Banner.
  5. Staple the receipt to the bill. Fill out a lost item routing slip and staple to the bill/receipt and give to the librarian in charge of bibliographic maintenance. The paperwork will ultimately be filed in the circulation office.
  6. Inform the library user that the amount paid for the lost item may be refunded if the item is returned to the library.  Processing fees ARE NOT refundable. This is only possible if the lost materials bill has not gone to collections or has been written off.

Damaged Materials

  1. If the item is repairable, check the material in and forward it to the Librarian in charge of repairs. If the item cannot be repaired, then follow the steps below:
    1. Prepare a bill for the damaged item using the blank bill form on Polaris in the circulation folder.
    2. Make 2 photocopies of the bill. File one in the Current Semester Overdues Notebook #1. Send one to the Business Office. Send the original to the patron.
    3. Encumber the patron in the Library Management System and in Banner.
    4. Place the final photocopy with the damaged item on the Damaged Item Shelf for the patron to pick up items, if wanted. A time limit is set for the patron to pick up the damaged item. If not picked up the item will be disposed of.
  2. Once a damaged material(s) bill is paid, follow the procedures listed on the previous page under the Lost Materials heading. The paid materials can be given to the patron, if wanted. Otherwise, damaged items are weeded.