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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Holds on Student Records

To ensure that library materials remain available for all library users it is necessary for the Wayne G. Basler Library to pursue delinquent borrowers. When a student has been notified of overdue materials and has not returned the items, the library will encumber the student’s records and issue a bill. This means that to perform certain functions- such as registration, obtaining transcripts, etc.- the student must first contact the library to get the encumbrance released. The intent of the encumbrance is not to punish the student but to retrieve the materials so that others may use them. In the event the materials are lost, the library will require payment for the materials in order to release the encumbrance.

Payment is mandatory if a bill has gone to collections or has been written off.

It is very important that all library staff members recognize that dealing with students who have been placed on encumbrance requires diplomacy. Even though the student may be at fault, he/she should be treated with the utmost courtesy and restraint.


Encumbering a Student in Banner

  1. Open Internet Explorer and access the Banner program through the Northeast State website. Each staff member is assigned his/her own user name and password by the Admissions Office.
  2. In the “Go To…” box, type in SOAHOLD. Hit enter.
  3. Type in the patron’s Banner ID number (9000….).
  4. Click the “Next Block” icon to access the patron’s record.
  5. Click the ▼ button and select the LM (Library Materials Not Returned) option. Click “OK”. In the Reason Field, type the encumbrance note designating the year/semester the bill is printed and in which notebook the bill is filed. (EX. Enc 08F/Bill in NB1). Tab over to the Amount field and fill in the amount owed. Finally, select LIBR for the Origination Code using the ▼ button. Click “OK”. For an example of this procedure, please refer to the Circulation Manual.

**When you are finished encumbering a patron, you must remember to SAVE!**

  1. Click the “Rollback” icon on the toolbar to exit the patron’s record.

Removing an Encumbrance

  1. Log onto a Banner account and bring up the patron’s record using the patron’s Banner number.
  2. Click the “Next Block” icon on the toolbar until you highlight the hold you want to remove.
  3. Click the “Remove Record” icon.
  4. Save your changes. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SAVE!
  5. Click the “Roll Back” icon to finish and exit the patron’s record.

**ONLY delete Library holds! NEVER delete other departmental holds!**