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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Reserve Materials

The Reserve Collection is provided to maintain greater control over library materials that are in special demand by instructors and students. Placing materials on Reserve guarantees greater access to required reading and viewing by most library users. Any items placed on Reserve must be used for the current semester. At the end of the semester library-owned materials will be returned to the regular shelves; faculty-owned materials will be returned to the faculty member(s).

Due to copyright restriction, the library will only accept one photocopy from any one source (book, periodical, etc.) for Reserve. The photocopy may be on Reserve for one semester only and may not be kept on Reserve on a term-to-term basis. All photocopies must include a notice of copyright. It is a violation of copyright to place a photocopy on Reserve in order for students in the class to make their own photocopies. It is also a copyright violation for students to make photocopies from workbooks and answer books that fall under the consumable works restrictions.


Faculty members may request that library materials be placed on Reserve, or they may bring in their own materials for placement. Library staff also may suggest materials be placed on Reserve when there is evidence of high demand for limited resources.

Placing on Reserve

  1. Reserve forms are available online from the Library website and should be filled out with the following information:
  • Instructor’s name and other contact information
  • Course title & number
  • Date to be placed on reserve
  • Date to be removed from reserve
  • Loan period (library-use only, overnight, 3-day, or 7-day)
  • Reserve item information (title, number of copies, and price)
  1. Enter items into Reserve in the Library Management System following guidelines in the Library Circulation Manual.
  2. For personal items the instructor wishes to reserve, security strips can be added to help deter theft, if approved by the instructor.
  3. For any photocopied materials an instructor may wish to place on Reserve, be sure to observe the copyright law restriction of one copy only. Also, any photocopies must be stamped with the copyright announcement.
  4. Any consumable materials such as workbooks or answer books must have the copyright notice displayed on the cover.


  1. Most Reserve materials are for library-use only. Students wishing to check out materials from Reserve must present a valid I.D.
  2. Overnight (or longer) checkout of Reserves is allowed by prior arrangement with the faculty member owning the materials.
  3. Because of limited resources, patrons who repeatedly don't return "Library Use Only" reserve materials by the Library/LRC closing hours will lose their borrowing privileges for reserve materials. 
    1. Patrons will be verbally warned and a note will be placed in their patron record. Borrowing privileges for reserve materials will be revoked after 2 incidents of not returning "Library Use Only" materials by Library/LRC closing hours. 

Removal from Reserve

  1. Faculty members may request removal of materials from Reserve at any time.
  2. Check the Reserve collection at the end of each semester for materials that no longer need to be held on Reserve.
  3. Send a memo or e-mail to the instructor asking whether the items need to remain on Reserve.
  4. Follow procedures in the Library Circulation Manual to return items to the regular collection, shelving accordingly.
  5. For all faculty-owned items, follow procedures in the Library Circulation Manual to remove from Reserve and return to the owner.