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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Reference Desk Generalities

All staff are expected to be prompt in fulfilling their assigned hours at the Reference Desk. This desk is a service area and should be treated accordingly. Personal items may be kept at the desk in the shelves assigned to each Librarian. Name tags may be stored in the desk and are displayed and worn during the assigned shift. Arriving staff members check the Reference Desk calendar for scheduled bibliographic instruction, class assignments, etc.  They also check with the departing staff about frequently asked questions, current assignments, etc. Arriving staff members should also log into the “LibChat” system and monitor the Reference chat.

While staff may bring work to the Reference Desk, the first priority is to remain approachable to the library users.  Materials selection, professional reading, reviewing of reference sources, and other professional duties may be performed when Reference Desk traffic is light. When library users are in the Reference area, the staff member will set aside work and remain free to provide assistance.

Staff members should be sensitive to the fact that library users may need assistance but are hesitant to approach the Reference Desk. Therefore, it is important that staff actively seek to help library users.