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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Scheduling Reference Desk Duty

Reference Desk service is scheduled at the beginning of each semester. Staff members are asked for their known commitments in order to avoid any potential scheduling conflicts.

Librarians are expected to assume their share of the hours that the Reference Desk must be staffed during the day. The exact number of hours assigned per shift depends on the number of librarians available to cover the desk.

Night assignments for reference duty are made at the beginning of each semester. Staff members indicate their preferences for night work and any conflicts are decided by the Dean of the Library.

The reference schedule is available electronically via the library Outlook Calendar. All staff have the ability – and the responsibility – to update the schedules promptly after all affected parties have been consulted about changes. Staff are responsible for consulting the calendar regularly and are encouraged to copy their shifts into their personal calendars.

Librarians may switch shifts with their co-workers or adjust hours in order to assist in coverage when a Librarian is unavailable due to sick leave, annual leave, and/or college and professional meetings. The Reference Desk calendar should be updated immediately to reflect any shift changes.