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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Reference Assistance – In person

The reference staff members use materials in the library collection and online to assist the library user in satisfying his/her information needs. Users are assisted in all areas of the library and are approached to determine if they need reference assistance. Also, Library consultations are available to students on a case-by-case basis contingent upon Librarian availability. Because of limited resources, If a student requests a consultation and misses 2 appointments or refuses to work with the Librarian then the student will no longer have consultations available to them and will need to use the reference services provided by telephone, online chat, email, or in person at the Blountville campus.


  1. Greet the patron who approaches the Reference Desk with a smile, eye contact, and an offer of assistance to any user who needs help in any area of the library.
  2. Actively listen to the patron’s question or request for help. Take notes if necessary.
  3. Proceed with a reference interview, especially if the request is not clear. This interview ascertains what information is needed, translates the request into library terminology, and determines the amount, format, and scholastic level of materials needed.
  4. Locate the appropriate source(s).
  5. Explain how to use the source(s).
  6. If the request concerns the location of certain library materials, direct the user to the appropriate area.
  7. Locate the materials if the user is unable to do so.
  8. If the patron’s request cannot be answered with the sources available, explain that to the patron, offer whatever appropriate information is available, and offer to obtain material through the courier system of our local library consortium or worldwide through interlibrary loan.
  9. Close the reference transaction by asking the patron if the information provided answers his/her request.
  10. Log the reference transaction into the “Reference Analytics” section of the LibAnswers platform, providing as much information about the request as possible.