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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Reference Assistance – By Text Message

The Wayne G. Basler Library does not maintain a separate text message reference department. The Librarian on reference duty provide assistance via text message with the understanding that the needs of the in-house library patrons are first priority. Every attempt is made to answer the text message and provide the requested information within a reasonable amount of time, usually within a few minutes. The Librarian on duty at the Reference Desk will monitor the text messages to assist patrons.

Requests that would require extensive searching or an inordinate amount of time to fulfill are handled with the suggestion that the Librarian take the patron’s contact information, research the topic, and contact the requester back or ask that the requester come to the library in person to pursue the information need.

Legal, Medical, and Tax information is not interpreted patrons.


Monitoring Library Text Messages

  1. Acknowledge the receipt of the text message.
  2. Respond positively to the question and provide the answer. If additional time for research is needed, inform the patron that his/her request may take more time.
  3. If the patron is satisfied, thank the patron for using the service and offer future assistance.
  4. If the patron is unsatisfied or more research is needed it is appropriate to ask the patron for his/her email address and respond at a later time.