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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Faculty Involvement in Library Instruction

The Wayne G. Basler Library supports and encourages faculty members in the creation, scheduling and execution of its library instruction efforts. Without faculty support, the Library’s instruction program would not succeed. Faculty involvement in Library instruction is integral to its success.


  1. It is incumbent upon faculty members to schedule Library instruction by contacting the reference desk at least one week in advance.
    • If less than one week’s notice is given -- or if the desired time is already scheduled -- the library will attempt to accommodate the request. However, the library reserves the right to defer the requested instruction. Faculty are not to send classes to the library without scheduling them first. When available and appropriate, the instructor may provide the assignment handout to the library in advance.
  2. A librarian who is not working the reference desk will be responsible for conducting instruction unless the instruction occurs during early morning or evening hours. It is incumbent upon that Librarian to prepare in advance to ensure a successful interaction and learning experience for the class.
    • The instructor should provide his/her name and telephone number, as well as the course number, number of students and sufficient information about desired instruction and course work.
  3. Upon completion of the instruction session, faculty will be asked to distribute an online evaluation survey to their students.