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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Point of Use Instruction

The objective of the basic research library instruction session is to enable the student to use the online catalog, specific reference tools, online databases, Internet, and other library resources to locate materials for a general research assignment.


  1. Prepare all needed materials for teaching on the day of instruction prior to students arriving. If teaching in a lab, check the status of computers to be used.
  2. The Librarian should Introduce his/herself and explain the purpose of the library instruction session. Remember to pace your presentation so that the uninitiated in library usage (a good portion of your audience) will be able to follow the instruction.
  3. Explain the physical collection area specific to the assignment and its use.  Remember that many students are unfamiliar with the Library of Congress Classification System and may not know how to interpret or how to use a call number. Additionally, some students may not have used online databases.  Always encourage students to ask the library staff for assistance.
  4. Briefly mention any special reference works the instructor may have requested you to highlight.
  5. Point out specific areas of the Library such as the Reference Desk, Circulation Desk, database lab, periodicals collection, copiers, audio-visual room, etc.
  6. Conclude the session by emphasizing the Library’s commitment to serving the students of Northeast State.