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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Interlibrary Loan - OCLC WorldShare

The Wayne G. Basler Library is a member of TennShare, a consortium of participating Tennessee libraries. The library is also a member of Lyrasis and OCLC. Thousands of libraries contribute to and use information in the OCLC Online Union Catalog, the world’s largest database of library bibliographic information. The Wayne G. Basler Library searches the OCLC catalog when a library user has requested material that is not owned by Northeast State.

Generally, Interlibrary Loan responsibilities are assigned to one staff member and an assistant who fills in when needed who has received special training in the use of the OCLC database. The following are basic procedures for initiating an Interlibrary Loan request and processing it once it is received.


Requesting Materials

  1. Before initiating an Interlibrary Loan Request, requestors should first search for the items in the Northeast State on-line catalog/discovery service to determine whether the material is owned by the college or one of the local libraries with whom the catalog is shared.
  2. Requests should be prioritized as they will be limited to only five requests in-process at any one time. Exceptions can be made under extenuating circumstances, keeping in mind that curricular needs will supersede all other requests.
  3. Library users must complete an online Interlibrary Loan Request Form, which should include the bibliographic information of the item(s) and the name and contact information of the requester.
  4. Most ILL requests will be sent over the Internet, using the OCLC WorldShare interface. Usually only urgent requests for photocopies from non-OCLC members will be transmitted by fax.
  5. Log in to OCLC WorldShare and search for the bibliographic record. For specific procedures, refer to the user manuals.
  6. Search for holdings information or union lists and select 5 institutions to request from. OCLC will supply a list of potential lenders. Usually it is best to select the ones in closest proximity. Five lenders may be chosen.
  7. After sending an ILL request online, print two copies of the record and attach them to the original request and place it in the “pending” file. Requests are filed alphabetically by the last name of the requestor.

Receiving Requested Materials - Books

  1. The lending library will send the book with a copy of the ILL workform and a mailing label for returning the item.  Locate the patron’s name and pull the original request from the file.
  2. Mark date received and date due on the original ILL forms. Fill out an ILL bookcover, along with a bar code, and attach to the book. Place the book behind the circulation desk to be picked up.  Inform the patron that the book has arrived. Books must be checked out on the circulation system to the borrower. Materials will be held for one week.
  3. Mark the date received and the due date on original ILL forms. Paperclip the lending library’s paperwork (ILL forms, mailing labels,ect.) to the NeSCC ILL forms. Log in to OCLC WorldShare and indicate the item was received.  Place paperwork in “return records” file.

Receiving Requested Materials - Electronic/Email

  1. The lending library will email a scanned and/or digital copy of the request material.
  2. The Interlibrary Loan Librarian will send via email to the library patron.

Receiving Requested Materials - Photocopies

  1. A photocopy from a lending library (whether received via fax, mail, or online), should have a copy of the ILL workform attached.  Locate the patron’s name and pull the original request and ILL workform from the “pending” file.
  2. Log on to OCLC WorldShare and indicate the item was received. The ILL workform will be filed by month in the ILL Records file.
  3. To satisfy copyright laws, note on the magazine list which journal was utilized to supply the article. Place photocopies behind the circulation desk to be picked up and notify patron that the article has arrived.
  4. Patrons are informed of unavailability or charges via email or phone. 

Returning Books

  1. When a library user returns a book it must first be discharged on the circulation system. Books are forwarded to the librarian or assistant in charge of returning items.
  2. Locate original request and ILL workforms and remove from “Return Records” file. Place lending library’s copy and mailing label inside book and return to circulation to be shipped.  Books will be returned by either UPS or First Class mail.
  3. The Library mailing account number is 110001-15010-74241-350.  This number should be noted on the return address.
  4. Log on to OCLC and mark item returned. Write the date and “returned” on both copies of the ILL paperwork and place in the “monthly return” file and the yearly “books returned” file.