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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures


Most media materials are restricted for faculty use.  Students and community borrowers are not allowed to use instructional videos/DVDs outside of the library. Exceptions can be made with the permission of a Librarian or Dean of the Library, taking into account the demand for and past usage history of the material. Students may borrow certain instructional materials designated for the support of the curriculum. The need for security of library materials must be balanced with the need to be friendly and helpful to all borrowers.

Audiovisual materials are listed in the online library catalog and may be accessed by title, keyword or subject.

Instructors are able to reserve materials in advance. Scheduling can be done by phone, email, chat, text message, or in-person. Walk-in services are provided if the materials are available. The instructor should be tactfully reminded that advance notice would be to their advantage.

During their contract period, adjunct faculty have equal access to all instructional materials available to full-time faculty. Arrangements for pick-up and drop-off of materials are made between the adjunct faculty and the circulation desk or Media Center. Expeditious return of resources is necessary to assure maximum use for all faculty. When necessary, the office of Evening and Distance Education may act as a liaison for delivery.



  1. Note the instructor’s name, the item needed, and the date.
  2. The day before the date of use the video/DVD/CD will be pulled and placed in the “hold area” to be picked up.


  1. Log into the Library Management System and find the patron's record.
  2. Check the material for damage. If a DVD or CD, check and make sure the media is inside the case.
  3. Scan the barcode on the item
  4. Desensitize the item
  5. Hand the item with the check-out receipt to the patron.

*For more information about Checkout procedures please refer to the Circulation policy