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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Video/DVD Loan Policy

Instructional – These videos/DVDs are selected to enhance the academic program. These circulate to faculty and adjunct faculty only and may be viewed by students and community borrowers in the library. Exceptions can be made with the permission of a Librarian or Dean of the Library, taking into account the demand for and past usage history of the material. 

Popular – These are popular movies intended for informational and/or entertainment use.  In general, these videocassettes and DVDs are intended for home use, but copyright guidelines allow for limited use as instructional materials. Videos for this collection are based on a variety of patron interests and are purchased to expand the reading/viewing interests of patrons.

  1. Popular videos/DVDs will be loaned to any person registered as a borrower at Northeast State.
  2. It is the borrower’s responsibility to know the policies pertaining to the use of the recreational video/DVD collection and the hours the library is open. No exception will be made for violation of the policies.
  3. Popular videos/DVDs are loaned for home use only; any other use may constitute a violation of federal copyright laws.
  4. Popular videos/DVDs are loaned for five days only.
  5. Popular videocassettes should be rewound after use. Borrowers are responsible for the safe return of each videocassette and DVD and for the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged videocassette/DVD. Borrowers should report any damage to library personnel.
  6. The library does not provide loan of equipment for video viewing, nor is the library responsible for any damage the video may cause to a borrower’s video player. The library DOES provide TV/VCR/DVD players for on-site viewing.
  7. Exposure to excessive heat or high temperatures may cause damage to a video. They should not be left in a car for long periods of time or in direct sunlight. DVDs are especially fragile to scratching and should be handled with care.