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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Checking in New Periodicals

The Periodicals staff of the Wayne G. Basler Library processes new materials as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure that the latest issues are available to patrons in a timely manner.



  1. Go through each issue and remove mailing covers, advertisements and scented inserts.
  2. Place a magazine label with the issue date, volume and issue number on the upper left corner of the cover.
  3. Place a two-sided security strip in between two pages at the back of the issue. Make sure that the target is placed as close to the spine as possible. Periodicals that do not have staples or a spine (i.e., newsletters and loose leaf updates) may not be targeted.
  4. Check in each issue in the Library Management System.
  5. Popular periodicals – those on the shelves on the left in room L303 – will be replaced with new issues as they arrive. All of the periodicals will be placed on the book truck next to the shelves until they are filed in their proper place on the other shelves in the room.
  6. Loose leaf items will be filed in the appropriate binders in the Reference room (L301).


  1. Take out advertisements in the Sunday issues.
  2. Check in the issues on the sheets in the Newspaper binder at the Circulation desk.
  3. Place newspapers in alphabetical order on the appropriate shelf in L303. Keep local newspapers for two weeks and national newspapers for four weeks, after which time they will be recycled.