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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Ordering - Direct

Direct subscriptions are those titles that are not carried by the library subscription agency. The general Wayne G. Basler Library policy is to order most subscriptions through the agency, reserving directs for a few select titles. Any new subscription that would have to be purchased as a direct must be approved by the Dean of the Library.


  1. After approval has been obtained, verify the price of the title. This verification can be done using the subscription form or renewal invoice.  If no such form has been received, contact the publisher directly for the information and request the information in writing, an email or fax.
  2. If the subscription is for a new title, a purchase order requisition will need to be initiated. If the subscription is a renewal, only then a request for payment is necessary.
  3. The Library’s secretary will initiate the appropriate payment request once provided with the appropriate documentation, including pricing and publisher contact information.
  4. The Dean of the Library will review and approve the request online through Banner.
  5. Each year in May, the direct subscriptions will be checked against the subscription agency listings to see if the titles can be switched to the subscription agency.