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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

User Assistance

Librarians and library staff assist patrons with accessing the materials in the periodicals collection.  All members of the Wayne G. Basler Library staff remain aware of the necessity of providing prompt, pleasant, and courteous service to all library patrons and attempt to dispel any misgivings that the patrons may have about requesting assistance.


  1. Greet the library patron with a smile, eye contact and an offer of assistance.
  2. Actively listen to the person’s question or request for help. If the question is complex and/or you are unable to provide satisfactory assistance, locate another staff member to help the patron.
  3. If the use of an online database is indicated, escort the patron to a computer and show him/her how to access the appropriate database.
  4. Remain with the patron long enough to make sure he/she is finding the needed information.  If he/she is progressing satisfactorily, leave the patron for a brief period of time and, then check back later to see if everything is still going well.
  5. Should the patron need a physical copy of a periodical, explain the periodicals arrangement and help the patron locate the source.
  6. Check on the patron periodically to determine if he/she needs further assistance.
  7. If the periodical is not owned by the Wayne G. Basler Library and not available full-text in one of the online databases, offer to obtain the information through interlibrary loan.