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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures


Weeding of the periodicals collection is performed to eliminate extraneous copies of periodicals that have been replaced in other formats and to dispose of material that is no longer relevant. The latter is true of subscriptions that have ceased at some time in the past, are incomplete, and/or have no enduring value as research tools in a community college library.


Please consult the list of Withdrawn Periodicals for titles and dates to be withdrawn. Weeding of periodicals is done twice a year, usually in January and June.

  1. Notify TBR schools by e-mail that withdrawn periodicals are available.
  2. Keep withdrawn periodicals for 7 days to allow the TBR schools to respond.
  3. Remove the periodicals that have been designated for discard, checking to make sure that no other titles are included by mistake.
  4. Stamp each issue with the withdrawn stamp.
  5. Desensitize all periodicals.
  6. Recycle all periodicals that meet recycling criteria. Place all non-recyclable periodicals in boxes and have the secretary arrange for removal.
  7. If an entire title is withdrawn, delete the title from the Library catalog and notify the cataloger to update the information in OCLC. Remove the title from all relevant documents.
  8. Update the holdings for each title in the Library Management System.