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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures

Special Circumstances

Faculty Research Materials

Because of the mission of the community college, research materials designed to support faculty personal research will not be acquired. Faculty and administrative staff doing research for institutional or instructional development or improvements may wish to recommend the purchase of books for the library. These research requests will be evaluated by the same criteria as other title requests.  Limited interlibrary loan is available to support some of the faculty personal research needs.

Foreign Language Materials

The majority of the books and other materials in the library will be in the English language. Limited acquisition of literary titles in foreign languages may occur if they are identified as supporting a foreign language program at the college or serving patrons with multilingual needs.

Multiple Copies

Requests from faculty for multiple copies of books or other materials will be considered on an individual basis but, in general, the duplication of titles will be avoided. Because it is the concern of the library to provide students a fair opportunity to thoroughly examine needed materials, the Library Dean may approve the acquisition of multiple copies of particular materials in certain situations.

Paperbound Books

The library prefers to acquire hardbound editions of books rather than paperbound.  On occasion, if a significant price difference exists between a hardbound edition and a paperbound edition, the paper edition may be selected. Books selected which are only available in paperbound form also will be acquired.

Replacement Copies

Books or other materials that are missing from the collection, declared lost, or too worn for further circulation are not automatically replaced. Considerations for replacement include demand, availability of materials on the same subject, and whether the information is available in updated, newer, and/or better material.


Textbooks for college courses are not generally acquired by the library since the high cost, rapid obsolescence, and lack of standardization makes purchase by the library unwise and financially prohibitive. A textbook provided by the instructor of the course may be put on reserve for student use.  A small number of textbooks will be acquired if they are determined to be either the only available source of information on a subject or an excellent general introduction or survey of the discipline.