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Policies and Procedures

Wayne G. Basler Library Policy and Procedures


In order to keep a current and accurate collection, the library weeds materials on a regular basis. The librarians and staff will make a visual inspection of the area of the collection to be reviewed for weeding in order to identify any damaged or outdated books. Final decisions on books to be weeded are left to the discretion of the librarians. Librarians are qualified to choose most materials as candidates for weeding. However, some materials require specific subject experts to evaluate for currency and curriculum relevancy. In those cases, subject specific faculty will be asked to review those materials selected as candidates for weeding and for suggestions for replacement materials.

Criteria for weeding:

  1. Not checked out in five years.
  2. Copyright date is more than 10 years old, and it is material that is dated.
  3. Item is in poor physical condition.
  4. Material has become obsolete or has been updated.

Exceptions to weeding:

  1. Only a few items on the topic exist in the collection.
  2. Item is a classic or standard in the field.
  3. Item is curriculum related.
  4. Withdrawals are limited to approximately 3 percent (or 1200 - 1500 items) of the collection per fiscal year.

Once items to be weeded are determined, they are deleted from the Library Management System. An email will be sent to TBR Library directors, informing them the library is weeding part of its collection. The directors will be sent a list of titles to be weeded upon request.  The TBR Libraries have 7 days to respond with any request for an item. At the end of the 7 day deadline, the items will be boxed up and the Physical Plant will be called to pick them up for surplus.

A list of all items withdrawn is maintained on Excel and is given to the Dean of the Library at the end of the fiscal year. These reports are filed in a notebook, and saved for annual report statistics.