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History 2010 - Ramey: Home

This guide is designed to provide library and research support to students taking U.S. History I from Dr. Ramey through the TNeCampus program.

About the Embedded Librarian


My name is Amy Lippo, and I am privileged to be your Embedded Librarian! 

I am here to assist you with your research and information needs.  This guide contains links to resources that are pertinent to the subject and your assignments. 

You can contact me via:

  • email in the TNeCampus eLearn Portal,
  • my school email -,
  • or phone 423-354-5242. 

Accessing Library Resources

As a TNeCampus student, you have access to various sets of library resources.  The TNeCampus Virtual library is available to all students taking TNeCampus courses.  You also have access to the library materials from your instructor's home institution - in this case, Northeast State Community College (NeSCC).  Below you will find instructions for accessing the libraries for this course.

  1. Log in to the TNeCampus eLearn Portal.

  2. Enter your course page.  ***You will not have access to the library materials from your eLearn home page - you MUST be on your course home page.***

  3. Click on Virtual Library under Course Resources on the right side of the page.  This should bring you to a page that has two links: one for Northeast State Library's Online Resources and another for TNeCampus Virtual Library Online Resources.



TNeCampus Virtual Library

Clicking on TNeCampus Virtual Library Online Resources will take you to a page that lists all of the available resources.  There are four general multidisciplinary databases, as well as others listed by subject.  You should be able to access any of the resources without entering anymore log in information. 



To access the Northeast State (NeSCC) resources, you will need to use the username and password provided at the bottom of the box containing the links to the libraries.  You will need this to access the journals and databases linked in this research guide.  Clicking on the Northeast State Library's Online Resources link will take you to the library home page.  To use the databases or eBooks, click on Online Databases at the right side of the bar across the top of the page.

The Most Popular Databases are the general multidisciplinary databases.  You can also use the Subjects at the left of the page to get suggestions for databses to use for specific subject areas.