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Course Reserves

For Students

Course Reserves are materials that your instructor has chosen to set aside for use by a class. Usually these materials are textbooks, anatomy models, or supplemental readings such as books or articles. All of the course reserves can be found at the Circulation Desk on the second floor of the Library. Checkout time and usage of course reserves are established by your instructor. Most materials can only be used in the library for a specified amount of time - usually one hour - while some can be taken home for a brief period of time.

To see if your instructor has placed items on course reserve you can search the Library Catalog for the title of the item or the instructor's name.

For Faculty

Reserves are designed to enable broad access by students to course materials. These materials may be books, articles, book chapters, audio-visual materials, etc. To place materials on reserve, complete the online reserves form and bring them to the Circulation Desk on the second floor of the Library. Instructors may assign a loan period for each item on reserve - one hour, two hours, one day, three days, seven days, etc. Instructors may also designate items as "Library Use Only" if they do not want the items to circulate.