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*Database Instructions*

Academic OneFile


Access Academic OneFile


Academic OneFile is a multi-subject general database.  You can use it to find academic journal articles (including peer-reviewed), magazine articles, and newspaper articles.  It also has some books, videos, audio files, and images.  It covers a wide range of topics, and is a good place to start your search.


Key Search Features

  • Full Text - finds articles available to you in full text - this is the default
  • Peer-reviewed - check this box to limit your search to peer-reviewed articles
  • Subject Guide Search (found on the home page)- can help you find the specific wording used for the subject you need


Limiting Your Results

  • Source Type -The default view shows Academic Journal, but you can also choose Magazines, Books, News, Videos, and Audios, depending on what is available for your particular search.
  • Subjects - You can use this to limit your results to only those with a specific subject
  • Document Types - This can help you narrow by article, brief article, review, etc.
  • Date Published - You can use this to limit to specific time frames - you will often want only more current information
  • Search Within - Allows you to further search within the set of results you have 


Access Academic OneFile


The following videos will give you a general idea of how to use Academic OneFile and the Gale databases.  The interface has been updated since the videos were made, so it does look different, and a few functionalities have changed.  But overall, you can still learn how to use the databases.  New videos will be added as soon as they are available.

Gale Basic Search
Gale Advanced Search

Other Gale Databases

The library has several subject-specific databases provided by Gale.  The information provided on this page, as  well as the video, is applicable to most of these databases.  Exceptions include Gale Opposing Viewpoints, and  Literature Criticism Online.


Access All Databases