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Literature Criticism Online


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Literature Criticism Online contains Over 200,000 reprinted essays from ten of Gale's literary reference series, covering twenty to thirty years of critical analyses and introductory materials on authors and their works, types of literature, regions, and time periods. This database contains almost the entire scanned content from the following print series: Contemporary Literary Criticism, Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism, Shakespearean Criticism, Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800, Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism, Poetry Criticism, Short Story Criticism, Drama Criticism, and Children's Literature Review. 


Key Search Features


  • Full Text - all content is available in full text


Limiting Your Results

  • Content Type -The default view shows Literature Criticism, but you can also choose Biographies, Topic & Work Overviews, or Reviews & News, depending on what is available for your particular search.
  • ​Search Within Results - you can use this to look for a term or name with in the list of results you already have
  • Subjects - You can use this to limit your results to only those with a specific subject
  • ​Person - About - limit the results to who they are about
  • Name of Work - limit the results to those about a particular work of literature
  • Document Types - This can help you narrow by critical essay, essay, excerpt, etc.


Viewing Articles

  • The article you have chosen will be highlighted a light blue on the page.
  •  To view the whole page, you will need to click and drag it up to see the bottom.
  • You can use the magnifying glass buttons in the toolbar above the article to make it larger or smaller.
  • You can view the article in full screen mode by clicking on the icon i=at the far right of the tool bar above the article (it looks like a square that is missing its sides - corners only.)  You can exit full screen mode by clicking on the icon in the top right corner. You have to click on the page and drag it around to see the whole thing.
  • You can print the article.  Look first to see what page numbers it covers, as the print function will ask you what page range you want to print.

 Access Literature Criticism Online


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