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History 2010 - Ramey: Written Assignment 1

This guide is designed to provide library and research support to students taking U.S. History I from Dr. Ramey through the TNeCampus program.

The Assignment

Discuss three main points of comparison and/or contrast between two major conflicts in the young American colonies: Bacon's Rebellion and King Philip's War. (500 words-750 words)

Please review course syllabus for essay guidelines.

You should be able to find enough information from the text and course lectures, but you are also welcome to use serious, college-level Internet resources. (When in doubt, please check with your instructor or our course librarian.)

Please cite the page numbers from your textbook, identify the course lectures, and/or cite the relevant URLs (Web addresses).

No credit will be given for assignments without appropriate citations. MLA, APA, or any other recognized format will be fine. *I won’t take off points for citations if all the relevant information is present.*


King Phillip's War