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History 2320 - Toye (NeSCC): Exams

World History II with Dr. Toye

You can use this guide to help you find additional information on the topics covered in this course.  Each assignment and exam has it's own tab with links to articles, databases, and web sites that you may find useful.


Here are a few suggestions that will help you learn and be successful in this course:

  1. Complete and submit all assignments on time.  You have your due dates from the first day of class, so make sure to keep up with what is due, and don't let the time get away from you.
  2. This is a college course, so you are expected to use college-level resources.  Evaluate the sources of your information.  Sources written for elementary and middle school audiences are not acceptable.  The author/source of the information should be reputable.  The resources provided in this guide are examples of what is appropriate.
  3. Do NOT plagiarize!!!  This means do not copy and paste into your essays, do not get information from a source without giving credit, and don't submit work done by someone else.
  4. DO ask for help.  Your teacher and librarian are here for you.  If something doesn't make sense, or you aren't sure what to do, ask one of us.  Your teacher can help you best with questions regarding course material, and the librarian is always happy to help with finding resources, formatting citations, and general writing assistance.