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Getting Started with Research

Learn about the research process from topic to writing and citing. Find information about locating sources such as books, articles, and films.

Research is a Process (Infographic)

Research is an iterative process, meaning it's repetitive but you learn as you move forward and make changes. It's more cyclical than straightforward or linear. Use the side navigation to learn about each of the steps of the process, and don't be afraid to jump around between steps.


Long description of "Research is a process" infographic for web accessibility

Thanks to IUPUI University Library and Mandi Garcia of the University of Oregon for allowing remix of this graphic under a Creative Commons license.

Understanding Assignments (Video Tutorial)

This short video from the UNC Writing Center will help you understand how to use your assignment to understand where to begin with a research project.

Connect to Northeast State Library Resources from Off Campus

Library Proxy Service

Links on library webpages (including  in the Library Catalog, Browzine, and Databases A-Z) run through a proxy server which verifies you are a Northeast State member, and are eligible to access library materials. When you click on a proxied link for the first time in the session, you are prompted to enter your username and password to access the resource.  Your username is the same as your D2L or MyNortheast username, and your password is your 6-digit birthdate