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Library 101: Resources in the Library

A guide to help you make the most out of your library experience. Learn what types of resources we have, and how you can get and use them.

Books in the Library

Books that you can check out are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Library.  The Reference Collection, which does not circulate, is found on the 3rd floor.


To find what books we have, do a search in the Library Catalog for a topic, title, or author.  To narrow your results to books that are found in the library, select Held by Library under Availability on the left side of your results page.  Write down the title and Call number, or have them available on a device, to locate the book.  The location will be given to you before the Call number, and that will tell you which floor and room to go to for your book.


See How to Read a Call Number to learn how to find a book on the shelf.

Media in the Library

All of the physical media is located on the 2nd floor in Room L202  It is located on the right as you enter the main Circulating Collection, L201.  We have Movies on DVD, Documentaries on DVD and VHS, Music CDs, Audiobooks on CD, and Instructional Videos.


Browse the collections on the shelves, or search in the Library Catalog.  Movies are shelved by title, while CDs are shelved by genre and documentaries and instructional videos are shelved by LC Call number.


To find DVDs in the library catalog, use the Search Everything drop down menu to choose Videos (DVD and Streaming).  To narrow the results to only those that are physically in the library, choose Held by library under Availability on the left side of your search results.  We also have a listing of all DVDs by Title.   

Magazines and Journals in the Library

The Library subscribes to several magazine and journals in print.  The current issues and recent back issues are locate on the third floor in room L303.  Other back issues, and publications that we are no longer actively receiving in print, are locate on the third floor in Room L301, on the right side.  Magazines and journals are for in-library use only, and do not check out.


Browse the collections to find what is available.  Items are shelved alphabetically by publication title.  Some of the bound journals and magazines can be located in the Library Catalog.