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History 2010 - Toye (NeSCC): Written Assignment 1

Written Assignment 1

After reading the primary documents on slavery and indentured servitude in the online textbook and Course Lectures, compare and contrast the experiences of African slaves and indentured servants in the colonial period. In your essay also examine the evidence for slaves and indentured servants in the following primary documents:

  • Read this account of an indentured servant in the Middle Colonies as well as 
  • these two accounts of indentured servants in the Chesapeake region, a letter from a young woman,
  • and a description of the life of indentured servants in colonial Maryland,
  • Finally, read this description of the life of slaves in colonial Virginia.

In your essay consider how experiences of slaves and indentured servants were  similar? How were they different? Be sure to refer to the primary documents to illustrate and support your views.