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History 2010 - Toye (NeSCC): Written Assignment 2

Written Assignment 2

Written Assignment 2

Please read the following primary sources concerning the experiences of "Patriot" ("Rebels), "Loyalists ("Tories"), Native Americans, African Americans, and woman during the Revolutionary War.

  • First read this account by a Loyalist woman regarding the Iroquois.
  • Second, read this deposition by "Rebel" woman regarding her service in the Continental Army.
  • Third, read these two accounts by African American, one a "Rebel" and the other a "Loyalist"
  • Finally, read the two accounts of Revolutionary War veterans, who served in the army and the navy

After reading these primary documents as well as the textbook and Course Lectures,  compare and contrast the experiences of "Loyalists", "Rebels", slaves, and women during the Revolutionary War. How did these different groups view this conflict? Be sure to refer to the primary documents to illustrate and support your views.