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Why Use the Library?

Everything is available on the Internet if I Google it, right?


There is a lot that is only available for a price.  And even if you can find information using Google, are you sure that it is good?

The Library is able provide you access to not only traditional print books, but also a plethora of resources online that you can't access for free otherwise.  We have gone to a lot of work to provide you with a collection of resources that are of good quality and appropriate for the work that you are expected to do in college.


And don't forget what is often considered the most valuable resource in the library - the Librarian!

You have access to several librarians who want to help you and see you succeed in school and in your life.  We are here to support you in your efforts.  You have a librarian specifically assigned to this class, and you can reach her through your D2L email.  Not only do you have access to your course librarian, but you can also utilize any of the librarians here at Northeast State.  There is a librarian on duty on the third floor at the Information and Research Help Desk whenever the library is open.  You can come see us in person, or you can call and speak over the phone.  The number to call is (423) 354-2429.  Additionally, you can chat live online with a librarian, using the button on the right of your screen.