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*ENGL 1010: Finding, Evaluating, and Citing Sources*

OmniFile Full Text Mega


Access OmniFile Full Text Mega


OmniFile Full Text Mega is a multi-subject general database.  You can use it to find academic/scholarly journal articles (including peer-reviewed), magazine articles, and newspaper articles.  It also has some books, videos, audio files, and images.  It covers a wide range of topics, and is a good place to start your search.


Limiting Your Results

Located to the left of the results

  • Full Text - the default setting finds articles available to you in full text so that you have the entire article
  • Scholarly (Peer-reviewed) - check this box to limit your search to peer-reviewed articles
  • Publication Date - You can use the slider to limit to specific time frames - you will often want only more current information
  • Source Types - You can choose to limit to magazines, academic journals, reviews, trade publications, etc.
  • Subject - You can use this to limit your results to only those with a specific subject; Clicking on Show More allows you to choose multiple subjects.



OmniFile Full Text Mega Video Tutorials


EBSCOhost Basic Search

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EBSCOhost Advanced Search

EBSCO Tutorials. EBSCOhost Advanced Searching - Tutorial. YouTube.


Reading an Article on EBSCOhost

EBSCO Tutorials. Reading an Article on EBSCOhost - Tutorial. YouTube.



Other EBSCO Databases

The library has several subject-specific databases provided by EBSCO.  The information provided on this page, as well as the videos, is applicable to most of these databases. 


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