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*ENGL 1010: Finding, Evaluating, and Citing Sources*

What is an eBook?

eBooks are the same as print books, but in an electronic format.  Instead of turning pages by flipping them over, you simply scroll or push the arrow to go to the next page.  With many eBooks, you can search the text for keywords.  Although you have access to the entire book online, you are generally not able to print or save all or large portions, only smaller amounts.


Accessing eBooks

You can access the eBook collections available through the library in two ways. 

  1. From the Library home page, you can select eBooks next to the Library Catalog search box.  This will give you a list of the collections with a description of each.  It also provides links to some additional collections of eBooks accessible through the Internet.
  2. From the Online Databases page, Select eBooks from the All Subjects list.  This list has the same descriptions as the eBooks page. 


EBSCO eBook Collection

This is our largest collection of eBooks, and it covers a wide range of topics.  It is an EBSCO database - to learn more about searching in it, please look at the OmniFile Full Text Mega page in this module.  Once you have found a record for a book you want to look at, you will need to click on the eBook Full Text link found at the upper left side of the page.  Faculty regularly make purchases for this collection to directly support your assignments.


Navigating an EBSCO eBook

  • You can use the Table of Contents links at the left side to navigate through the book. 
  • If an index is available in the Table of Contents, you can use it to locate specific pages within the book. You can enter a page number in the box at the bottom of the book viewer and hit Enter to go to that page.
  • The arrows at the bottom of the book viewer will allow you to turn the page, one at a time, or you can scroll through them in most cases.
  • To search for keywords, you can use search within, found at the top left of the page.  Clicking on a result will take you to that page in the book.



EBSCO Tutorials. October 5, 2022. Reading EBSCO eBooks - Tutorial. YouTube.


The homepage shown in the video is not for NeSCC, but you can get contact information for our library from the Basler Library home page.

Access eBook Collection from EBSCO


Ebook Central Collection

Ebook Central is another large, multidisciplinary collection of eBooks available through the library.  You can access them through the eBooks page, the Databases page, or through the library catalog.  To learn more about searching the database and using the tools available in the interface, as well as navigating the eBooks, see the Patron Quick Start Guide.

ProQuest Training. July 5, 2018. Ebook Central Overview and Searching. YouTube.


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Access Ebook Central