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SIRS Issues Researcher

Access SIRS Issues Researcher


Provides access to full-text articles and internet resources on a variety of subjects such as economics, health, history, business, science, literature, the arts, philosophy, film, etc. An excellent source for government information and U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Includes a Leading Issues section that discusses multiple views of major issues.


  • Sort - by relevance or date
  • Source Type - you can choose Newspapers, Magazines, Images, Books, Web Resources, Government Sources, Scholarly Journals, and Other Sources.
  • You can also limit to Primary Sources


  • You can access the extensive list of Leading issues two ways:
    • Click on the "Leading Issues" drop down menu at the left of the bar at the top of the page.
    • Look at the Need Help Finding a Topic? area at the bottom of the page.
  • Clicking on any topic or subtopic will take you to a page with a Summary of the topic, a question about the topic with two viewpoints with links to supporting documents, a link to more resources, a timeline, a Research Guide you can use to help you organize your work, and several related topics.
  • You can view all results, or you can choose a Source Type - newspapers, magazines, images, books, web resources, Government sources, scholarly journal, and other sources (actual source types available depend upon the specific topic).  There is also a checkbox to limit to primary sources.


Access SIRS Issues Researcher



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